The company K. Mavromichalis SAL-CO LTD is engaged in cushions manufacturing using specialized filling materials for more than 30 years. It is addressed to manufacturers of sofa furniture, for whom the company’s products – cushions for sofas and preparatory work on sofa furniture (covers, sets of foam materials for the coating of the sofa frame) are essential, as well as to companies searching end products made of foam, polyester, natural, siliconized and other filling material.

The company’s goal is to develop and explore new manufacturing methods, search and use new products and materials and always be able to meet the complex needs of its customers.

Every single product distributed to our customers bears the seal of our personal care and the guarantee of the highest quality.

The company is certified with
ISO 9001:2008

After many years of research giving first priority to the business development, the company has dynamically entered over the last years the area of sleep products by starting a new production of handcrafted mattresses and sleep products under the brand name Matt Royal. Combining expertise with passion the company creates high quality products to meet the complex needs of the European consumers, in the belief that luxury is simply a result of excellent work.