SAL-CO imports, processes, merchandises and distributes a range of raw materials for the manufacturing of sofa cushions and pillows, such as natural goose or duck feather and down, Rollofill, etc. The company has the ability, in response to customers’ demand, to supply them with all possible combinations of blends of these materials (feather + rollofill, feather+down etc).

Filling materials for sofa cushions & pillows

• Goose down 90% (down from the goose sternum)
• Goose feather 50%
• Goose feather 15%
• Goose feather soft quality
• Goose feather 6cm
• Duck feather6cm
• Blend of goose & duck feather
• Blend 04 of goose feather 70% and RolloFill 30%
• Blend 06 of goose feather 50% and RollFill 50%
• Blend of goose feather with Filler
• RolloFill
• Blend of RolloFil with Filler
• Filler
• Latex Sticcks